Our Enemy – Self Defeat

Self Loss is one of our largest adversaries. It prevents us from becoming all that we truly can be.

How to Reconnect With Your Spiritual Nature

Spiritual intelligence helps you manage stress. Tuning right into this part of yourself may be specifically what you need to locate the calmness you long for and touch into delight.

Nurture Your Soul Purpose in Quiet Daily Mini-Retreats

We are over-committed and under-nurtured. And in the chaos of our everyday lives, the larger phone call to doing what we came here to do may get hushed by all that noise. What can you do to take time to center yourself each day? How can you move closer to satisfying your life purpose? Here are some suggestions.

Your Chakras – What They Are & How They Work

Words “chakra” comes from a Sanskrit word that implies “wheel”. Often chakras are defined as spinning wheels of energy. Chakras are power facilities linked to various components of the body.

Peace is What You Want it to Be

Tranquility is many points to many individuals. Every one of which are right. Checking out the several dimensions of peace …

Giving Priority to What Ought to Have Priority Will Resolve Many Other Lesser Problems and Issues

There was an incredible and also astonishing post in the BBC on the internet publication, regarding what male calls Christmas, being a very stressful and unsettling time. It was claimed that many people are bound to really feel a little frazzled as well as concerned concerning having the ability to make it through it.

Facing Bleak Prospects in Various Areas of Life – Consider the Challenge of Becoming an Intercessor

Prayer requests show up frequently, throughout the year, as well as we obtain lots of Petition letters inviting us to pray for and interceded for numerous cutting edge organisations offering in the Kingdom of God. This demand was instead various as we planned for 2010. Our country is in such great requirement as Almighty God is being marginalised as well as overlooked and even rejected.

5 Steps to Creating Purposeful Goals For 2010

There is something about that number, 2010. Does not it seem like we are getting in a sci-fi film? However, in simply a couple of hrs it will be the New Year. This is the best time for examining and also regrouping what you have actually experienced and accomplished in 2009, and also setting brand-new goals to make 2010 the best year you have actually ever before experienced.

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

Lots of ladies I am locating become overwhelmed in this visioning procedure since they have not made the effort to examine where they are and also where they want to go. You as a woman of function have to understand what is that you desire. So I wanted to share some mentoring works out with you today that can aid you as we begin upon the New Year!

In This Increasingly Secular World Has Money Become the Idol Worshipped by More and More People?

If a leading profession unionist made a speech such as this today, it would certainly get on the front page of every paper tomorrow. That was the sensational comment made lately in our day-to-day Bible Reading Notes. The passage being examined was from the letter created by James, the half bro of Jesus, where the message states, “Now listen, you rich people, weep and also howl due to the misery that is bumping into you.” This is strong things. Possibly it is as well strong for some, however it has the authority and also imprimatur of Almighty God behind it.

Your Spiritual Path

In preparing to blog about the spirit element of body, mind and spirit, I need to confess that this is harder. I presume as a result of the truth that there are many more elements involved, or two various methods a specific deals with expanding spiritually.

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